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The Eye Tribe Oozes Innovation At CES 2015 With The World’s First Android Eye Tracking SDK
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The Eye Tribe Oozes Innovation At CES 2015 With The World’s First Android Eye Tracking SDK

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Eye Tribe unveiled the world’s first Android eye tracking software development kit for OEMs at CES 2015. The innovative $99 Eye Tracking SDK for Android earned the Best of Innovation Honoree and earned Honoree status in three other Innovation Award categories. The Eye Tribe is also a Top 25 Finalist in the Extreme Tech Challenge which featured Sir Richard Branson as a judge.

Great news for OEMs and developers as the SDK by The Eye Tribe gives access to the Android platform in building new products and experiences for the consumer market. The even better news is that The Eye Tribe is demonstrating its Eye Tracking SDK for Android at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, giving consumers a preview of the future. The Eye Tracking SDK for Android offers an initial step toward robust, cost effective eye tracking mobile device integration.

The company also is unveiling an accurate TV Tracker and will showcase a new project with the LEGO Group. The project features favorite LEGO® sets in which users can use to build with eye tracking. The Eye Tribe SDK for eye tracking, holds promise, and is also compatible with Android, Windows and Mac OS/X.

You can be sure to find more product advancements on new areas like LCD TVs and cloud-based analytics, during CES 2015. The solution for OEMs are also beneficial to fast-track integration of real eye tracking. The Eye Tribe aims to to bust any myth that its solutions may be complicated or labeled as an expensive affair.
The software solution is designed for integration, and is also based on industry standards (MIPI, I2C, USB). The Eye Tribe eye tracking software is offering support for Android, Windows and OS/X, in addition to popular form factors for hardware reference. The SDK for Android is $99 and includes an Eye Tribe Tracker. The components are affordable and can integrate into any next-generation device, with the company being able to help OEMs strategies as they move newer eye tracking products for mass-market consumers,

For more information visit The Eye Tribe at http://www.theeyetribe.com.

Read more: https://www.theeyetribe.com/blog


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