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SAP Announces New IoT Functionality for its HANA Cloud Platform
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SAP Announces New IoT Functionality for its HANA Cloud Platform

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in IoT Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SAP has announced new IoT functionality for its HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Vora software. SAP is supporting OpenStack as the cloud infrastructure and Cloud Foundry as the open source framework for SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The new IoT offerings from SAP include:

The IoT foundation bundle for SAP HANA

Provides a set of capabilities for IoT data management including smart data streaming which allows for data filtering, aggregation and correlation at scale. In combination with the IoT intelligent edge processing bundle, remote data synchronization offers data consistency between the edge database and the platform database. 

Dynamic tiering is the tool to manage multitier database storage according to the value of the data to lower cost in Big Data scenarios. SAP HANA Vora transforms Big Data analysis with an in-memory computing engine for Hadoop. Also included in the bundle is the IoT SIM management connector for SAP HANA, which allows cellular IoT device connectivity management with a user interface based on the SAP Fiori user experience (UX).

The IoT intelligent edge processing bundle for SAP HANA 

Delivers a set of technologies that run at the edge of the network to complement the IoT foundation for SAP HANA. These capabilities consist of a “streaming lite” component, the edge database and sync client, and SAP Plant Connectivity software.

SAP IoT Partnerships

SAP has also announced enhancements to IoT partnerships with other providers. These include:

Dell and SAP 

Dell and SAP are collaborating on models designed to help address the IoT industry’s operational challenges, such as business continuity, overall equipment effectiveness, maintenance costs and return on assets. The includes combining Dell’s intelligent Edge Gateway 5000 with SAP solutions for the IoT, allowing companies to extend their digital core to the edge to gain real-time insights.

SAP and Hitachi 

SAP and Hitachi have announced an expanded global collaboration to create and customize industry-specific IoT solutions for a range of applications, particularly around the areas of smart manufacturing, smart city, transportation and logistics.


Read more: http://go.sap.com/product/technology-platform/iot-...


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