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New Wearable Payment Solutions SDK To Be Released By Wirecard AG
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New Wearable Payment Solutions SDK To Be Released By Wirecard AG

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wirecard AG has announced that it will be releasing a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for wearable payment solutions at the end of February. This will include a dedicated developer portal that will provide access to a range of programming interfaces (APIs), tools and simulators, to simplify the integration of payment functions into various different applications and devices ranging from wristbands and smart-watches to clothes. 

Wirecard hopes its Wearable Payments Developer Kit will open up the market for the integration of payment services into wearable electronic devices. The solution is based on host card emulation (HCE) technology and enables contactless payment using one-off tokens.

Earlier this year, Wirecard announced its Wirecard Smart Band, a wearable device with contactless payment functions that is designed to be worn or attached to the body while being used and have the capability to connect and communicate. The device communicates either directly to the network through inbuilt connectivity capability or through other devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

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