3/1/2019 7:05:02 AM
New low-code platform for the enterprise emerges from Turbo Systems
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New low-code platform for the enterprise emerges from Turbo Systems

Brittany Harris Brittany Harris in Low Code No Code Friday, March 1, 2019

New low code platform for the enterprise aims to speed up delivering applications that extend the capabilities of all existing systems of record, including ERP, CRM, and HRIS systems.

Turbo Systems just launched its universal, no-code engagement platform for the enterprise. Led by Hari Subramanian, Co-Founder and former CTO of ServiceMax, Turbo provides an easy way for businesses to instantly create rich applications to extend the capabilities of all existing systems of record, including ERP, CRM, and HRIS systems.

“The systems of record making up the backbone of modern businesses were created to serve specific, concrete purposes. They weren’t designed to be fluid, or ebb and flow with yet-to-be-created technologies,” said Turbo Systems Founder and CEO, Hari Subramanian. “Now, businesses are in desperate need of that flexibility, and personalized, highly engaging, yet scalable systems that deliver value at every turn and stage of growth. We developed Turbo to be that unifying force, updating and integrating the systems enterprises already use, to support their needs today and tomorrow.”

Turbo Systems is creating a new category with its universal engagement platform, supporting and enhancing businesses’ cloud-based systems of record to create dynamic, highly personalized enterprise applications at scale. Turbo seamlessly complements, integrates with, and extends the capabilities of systems of record, such as Salesforce, so enterprises can better utilize these systems and develop applications that solicit higher levels of user engagement. The first platform of its kind, Turbo is leading a wave of mass customization, and the development of next-generation cloud applications for businesses that engage with their existing systems of record and introduce new, value-adding capabilities in the field.

“Emerging innovations like AI and IoT, alongside mobile, connected workforces, have businesses rethinking the way they operate,” said Dave Yarnold, former CEO of ServiceMax. “Businesses need to quickly and simply give workers the tools and apps to do their work, solicit high levels of user engagement, and do so without replacing their existing systems and data. Turbo is the first comprehensive and sustainable solution to deliver personalized, purpose-built enterprise applications with no IT overhead––fulfilling what businesses need to succeed and grow.”

Customers can use Turbo’s platform to build and immediately roll out the new, custom applications they need, with zero developer expertise required. A truly no-code solution, Turbo empowers businesses to seamlessly create, deploy, and adopt tools that increase productivity and agility. Turbo is built to scale as enterprises, their systems, and their needs continue to grow and evolve, creating both immediate and lasting value as users automate the functions that power their business, today and tomorrow.
Turbo pulls in existing data and returns collected data and forms, enabling users to complete sophisticated tasks, offline and via mobile. Purpose-built for users across industries, including construction, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications, Turbo delivers custom applications for work orders, checklists, inspections, inventory, and more.

In addition to the company’s product, Turbo announced today an $8 million Series A funding round, led by Mayfield, a prominent enterprise technology venture capital firm.

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