1. Good Technology Delivers World’s First Secure Mobility Solution With Data
1/5/2015 3:22:58 PM
Good Technology Delivers World’s First Secure Mobility Solution With Data
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Good Technology Delivers World’s First Secure Mobility Solution With Data

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Good Technology Delivers World’s First Secure Mobility Solution With Data

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Monday, January 5, 2015

For enterprises wanting to separate their personal cellular data and business usage on the same device, businesses can get enabled with Good Work with Data and also develop policies in which they are paid directly for approved mobile app use. If enterprises would like to support BYOD initiatives further, direct payment policies are a way to benefit independently of a carrier, without use from reimbursement or employee stipend programs.

Good Technology, the provider of secure mobility, released Good Work with Data™, the industry’s first and only data plan which embeds into corporate apps that allow access to corporate email, contacts and calendar. Christy Wyatt, CEO and Chairman of Good Technology stated that only Good Technology has this unique architecture and can enable a hassle-free BYOD solution with true data billing separation which no one else has today. Wyatt noted that this approach allows the company to avoid the challenges other MDM vendors face as they expand their offerings, allowing Good to deliver a seamless experience without compromising any of the usability and security requirements our customers expect.

The company also decided to make Good Work with Data immediately available for pilot deployments on both Android and iOS platforms. There is recent question about who is financially liable for data usage which is work-related on employee personal devices, as it is a concern that is growing in both legal counsel and IT management organizations across the globe. Recent and pending legislation has added a new urgency to addressing the question of “who pays?,” according to the National Law Review. Companies are now required to manage personal devices better within the business environment.

The EMM market is evolving to be defined by enterprise access management and control of data across all devices, including IoT stated Chris Hazelton, Research Director of 451 Group. Hazelton also said that the ability to monitor and control data across all the devices in the hands of employees will be increasingly important – including the ability to define the service costs associated with work on personal devices in BYOD environments.

IT are in need of providing corporate systems access, while at the same time making sure that personal privacy and data security are complete. Companies are can also see more mobility and user engagement benefits if an employee is aware of the actual cost of a business app that the employer will purchase it for so that it would not be charged against the employee’s personal data plan.

To learn more, organizations with Microsoft Office365 can start a Good Work cloud trial by clicking here.

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