6/18/2018 1:56:28 PM
Data visualization platform acquired by Puppet
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Data visualization platform acquired by Puppet

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Big Data Monday, June 18, 2018

Data visualization platform, Reflect, has been acquired by Puppet to turn raw data into visualized insights for the company and its users.

Puppet has announced it has acquired Reflect, a data-visualization-as-a-service platform. An acquisition that helps accelerate Puppet’s product innovation and providing customers better capabilities to derive insights.
“We’ve always helped customers mine valuable information about the state of their IT landscape and take action on it. With the innovation and talent in the marketplace today, we have an opportunity to improve that experience - giving customers new ways to leverage their data, and make faster, more informed decisions," said Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO, Puppet. "Reflect brings the right pedigree of modern technology and unique talent to make this a perfect match.”
Every company’s technology footprint is rapidly expanding, becoming more complex, and constantly producing data. Together, "Puppet and Reflect want to help customers make better decisions as they progress on their journey to pervasive automation, with clearer insights, across every environment."
“Reflect helps organizations transform their raw data into visual stories that are easy to understand,” said Alex Bilmes, CEO and co-founder, Reflect. “With Puppet’s technology and expertise, we are able to capture an incredibly rich dataset, unlike any other available today. By joining forces we will be able to deliver value from that data through beautiful charts, visualizations and interactive data tools.”
This follows Puppet’s acquisition of Distelli, a continuous delivery automation software company, in September of 2017. The addition of Distelli's container and application deployment offerings have empowered enterprises to expand automation across their software delivery lifecycle.
“There is so much potential within the automation space, and Puppet is accelerating its investment in new technology to help our customers navigate this new world of software delivery. This is especially important as we continue to build the best team to deliver an aggressively expanding product portfolio that our customers love,” said Mirchandani. “We saw great success following the acquisition of Distelli last year and are excited to do it again with the addition of Reflect. This is just the latest step in the continued journey to pervasive automation.”


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I think Puppet get the more value to Reflect.


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