12/8/2014 8:28:16 AM
CA Technologies Stimulates App User Loyalty for Its Customers with Its APM Solution
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CA Technologies Stimulates App User Loyalty for Its Customers with Its APM Solution

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Apps Monday, December 8, 2014

CA Technologies just released its CA Application Performance Management (APM). The application benefits organizations that look to proactively manage the user experience of their apps. The experience in return develops loyalty-building interaction. 

The value of time and speed of delivery is important. CA APM’s elements are improved in areas such as mobile APM, simplified management of application performance, support for modern languages and product integrations. CA APM is a catalyst for DevOps.

User adoption is also key. Organizations understand the importance of mobile investments and user adoption. The right solutions will support a full scale infrastruction and device management. The technologies are built for better user adoption, management and gives them an option to upgrade their implementation, CA APM’s new APM Command Center also acts as a central point for agent configuration. It has a unique user-friendly dashboard

CA APM’s new APM Command Center dashboard also gives users access to an inventory of thousands of agents. This inventory spans across many APM clusters. Users are then able to generate diagnostic reports and diagnose agent configuration problems quickly.

There is also a new  featured called Smart Instrumentation functionality. CA APM’s Smart Instrumentation functionality automatically collects transaction traces. The traces are gathered to identify any potential failures which can be proactively corrected.

Having a mobile APM solution which can track user experience is important. The improvements for mobile app user experience with these solutions are key for a strong overall DevOps application lifecycle. DevOps can also better collaborate across the organization.

Application supremacy has arrived. Today's applications are critical components to an organization's business model. Ensuring the environment is user-centric with its applications, the right user experience can deliver business differentiation and loyalty. CA APM creates this type of user interaction through its loyalty-building experience. The solution is capable of managing up to billions of transactions using any type of device.

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