1. ARM’s Geomerics Releases Enlighten 3 Advanced Dynamic Lighting Solution
3/4/2015 11:42:29 AM
ARM’s Geomerics Releases Enlighten 3 Advanced Dynamic Lighting Solution
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ARM’s Geomerics Releases Enlighten 3 Advanced Dynamic Lighting Solution

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Game Development Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Geomerics, an ARM Company, has released Enlighten 3 with Forge which provides game publishers with cinematic-quality dynamic lighting through an accurate real-time simulation of global illumination (how light is transferred between surfaces in a scene).

New features include more accurate indirect lighting, color separated directional output, improved light map baking, and richer material properties. With the further addition of  the new Forge lighting editor, developers artists have full support for physically based shading and can can create dynamic real-time lighting for their games with even greater speed and control.

The Forge editor is designed from an artist's perspective. With a straightforward user interface and intuitive look and feel, Forge enables artists to quickly understand the capabilities of Enlighten and rapidly iterate on high quality real-time lighting. Forge also provides a customizable foundation for integrating Enlighten into any development pipeline thanks to import functionality from Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, and a modular design. Additionally, the evaluation version of Forge integrates YEBIS 3 Post Processing from Silicon Studio to allow visualization of final-quality rendering within the Forge tool.

Enlighten is the lighting technology in recently released Unity 5 and is available fully integrated into Unreal Engine 3 and 4. Learn more at the Geomerics website including a demo called ‘Subway’ which shows Enlighten running in a full level using dynamic lighting and a number of features of the Enlighten SDK including the ability to dynamically destroy parts of the level to let light pass through and keep the indirect lighting consistent.

Read more: http://www.geomerics.com/blogs/