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Apcera Announces Support of New Open Source NATS Streaming Solution
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Apcera Announces Support of New Open Source NATS Streaming Solution

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Open Source Friday, July 15, 2016

Apcera has announced that it is providing support for the new NATS Streaming solution, a performant, secure and simple open source messaging platform. NATS Streaming offers features that enable support for new classes of applications such as IoT and big data analytics. The platform is tightly coupled but loosely integrated with NATS, providing enterprise grade features without sacrificing NATS’ core simplicity. 

NATS is a family of open source products that are tightly integrated but can be deployed independently for use-cases such as mobile, IoT, microservices and cloud native applications. The core NATS Server acts as a central nervous system for building distributed applications. There are dozens of clients ranging from Java, .NET, to GO. NATS Streaming extends the platform to provide for real-time streaming & big data use-cases.

NATS Streaming is a tightly integrated solution for platforms that require simple, easy and lightweight IoT messaging offering a highly performant open source architecture that also accelerates implementation and scales with any existing infrastructure. By deploying NATS Streaming, users can quickly create applications that securely scale to meet these new demands with a lightweight approach to stream processing. NATS Streaming integrates simply into deployments of both cloud-native and traditional application architectures and can be up and running in under 30 minutes.

NATS Streaming functionality includes:

- Log-based persistence to capture real-time events
- At-Least-Once Delivery model, providing reliable message delivery
- Per message subscription rate matching
- Replay/Restart capabilities
- Last Value Semantics
- Subject Based Authorization

Read more: http://nats.io/download/


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