9/26/2014 6:23:21 PM
Airpush Integrates its Programmatic Ad Offering with Inneractive’s Private RTB Marketplace
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Airpush Integrates its Programmatic Ad Offering with Inneractive’s Private RTB Marketplace

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Friday, September 26, 2014

Inneractive and Airpush are forming a new collaboration designed to increase programmatic demand of Airpush’s Android interstitial and video inventory by leveraging a Private RTB Marketplace facilitated by Inneractive’s Ad Exchange.

By integrating Airpush’s programmatic offering, AirX, with Inneractive’s exchange technology, the company will make its interstitial and video inventory available to over 100 global programmatic buyers, complementing Airpush’s current direct sales channels. Inneractive’s platform will add the ability to set granular price floors for different inventory segments, optimizing delivery and yield on a global scale.

Inneractive’s Private RTB Marketplace also includes full transparency into demand sources’ performance and bidding data as well as control and visibility over ad quality. Auctions are held over both display interstitials and video ad units, competing via eCPM bidding over the same ad placements.

Airpush’s inventory includes over 6 billion monthly impressions from around the world, originating from over 140,000 live apps that comprise 30% of all active Android users. The network ensures quality controls via a 100% opt-in user base, app screening by a leading security provider and extensive brand-safe protections.

Offer Yehudai, President and Co-Founder of Inneractive, said “What I like the most about this opportunity is Airpush’s scale and differentiated supply. This partnership will enable our demand side partners to tap into new and unique oceans of targeted audience and help them in automating their buying habits.”

Read more: http://www.airpush.com/


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