1. What Mobile Experience Management Means for App User Engagement
3/4/2014 9:15:01 AM
What Mobile Experience Management Means for App User Engagement
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What Mobile Experience Management Means for App User Engagement

What Mobile Experience Management Means for App User Engagement

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Tuesday, March 4, 2014

As markets grow and mature, trends emerge and these trends receive names to describe that trend. Connecting a bunch of stuff to the Internet, you get the Internet of Things (first used by Kevin Ashton executive director of the Auto-ID Center).

Artisan Mobile has developed the term “Mobile Experience Management” to describe its integrated suite of tools and solutions available to marketers to better understand and improve customer engagement through mobile apps. And they have commissioned the Yankee Group to develop a white paper which, “examines how the emerging category of Mobile Experience Management solutions works to offer the same flexibility for mobile apps that is available for analyzing, testing, optimizing, and personalizing websites.”

According to a recent release by Artisan, “Mobile Experience Management solutions are intended to help marketers better understand and leverage users’ interactions with mobile applications. These solutions allow non-technical users to analyze, test, optimize, and personalize native mobile apps in order to turn real-time insight into actions that improve mobile customer engagement.”

What does the white paper best practices are for Mobile Experience Management

Analyze Insight: Automatically gather reliable data on user behavior, including not just the user, app and session basics, but also complete visibility into all user interface action within the app.

Conduct Tests: Real-time A/B testing of existing mobile applications without writing code or re-submitting to app stores is critical for understanding the best ways to improve engagement.

Quickly Optimize: Non-technical line-of-business employees must have the ability to modify the mobile app without waiting for programmers or needing to resubmit to the app store.

Personalize Engagement: Offer intimate, contextual level of engagement by segmenting audiences based on behavioral patterns, trends, location or other mobile app specific data.
The release points out that, “Yankee Group also notes that the mobile app lifecycle is accelerating in order to ensure on-going customer engagement. As a result, manual coding approaches will not keep pace with today’s mobile market. In order to accomplish meaningful mobile engagement, businesses must re-think and modernize their current mobile application management strategies.”

So what does the Yankee Group recommend?

Transition best practices from Web to mobile apps to ensure customer engagement: Mobile apps are different from websites – they are a unique channel and require a platform that has been purpose-built for managing the on-going lifecycle of customer engagement in a mobile app environment.

Act on insight to achieve higher return on mobility: When it comes to mobile app analytics, many non-technical users can’t get the right data, trust the data, or get actionable insight from it. A company’s tools must solve the problems of every aspect of the overall mobile experience management process.

Empower non-technical users with better tools: Ninety-three percent of marketers place a significantly high importance on the ability to use data to track and measure user experience to see customer retention and engagement. They also must be able to analyze which customer segments have the highest total lifetime value and leverage that insight to further fine-tune the mobile app.

Of course, since Artisan Mobile commissioned the study, it would make sense that they offer services that will help meet the needs outlined in the report. That doesn’t make the information less relevant and the report is free, so there is no reason not to check it out.

Read more: http://useartisan.com/news/press/artisan-mobile-an...

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