1. Swrve Launches New Mobile Messaging Functionally for App Marketing
9/28/2015 12:00:16 PM
Swrve Launches New Mobile Messaging Functionally for App Marketing
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Swrve Launches New Mobile Messaging Functionally for App Marketing

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Monday, September 28, 2015

Swrve has launched a new Integrated Personalization Engine which provides the ability to build an individual relationship with app users through the delivery of mobile messaging campaigns and content to customers based on their unique behavior and attributes.

The Integrated Personalization Engine allows developers to customize contextual messages targeted to individual users across six custom fields - audience, timing, message, lifecycle, location and language - to create personal and engaging mobile messaging campaigns. 

The platform offers the following functionality:

- Personalization: App engagement campaigns can be targeted based on personal information, past behavior, stage in the user lifecycle, past or present physical location, and language. There is also the ability for A/B testing for the best response rate and refer to specific items that users have previously viewed or may be interested in.

- Conversations: Offers the ability to send videos, surveys, and other rich messaging experiences to app users. As users engage, customized messages are triggered in real-time by the user’s response.

- Localization: Facilitates setting up and sending campaigns in multiple languages simultaneously. For publishers that serve customers with different language preferences, this is a time-saver and marketing advantage as it offers notifications in the customer’s language of choice with a single button.

Read more: https://www.swrve.com/