1. Static App For iPhone Helps Organize Your Social Life!
8/26/2013 9:32:51 AM
Static App For iPhone Helps Organize Your Social Life!
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Static App For iPhone Helps Organize Your Social Life!

Richard Harris Richard Harris in iOS Monday, August 26, 2013

The Static app gives you the info you need through a single portal to be able to manage all of your online accounts on one device. Their goal is to build something big over time and allow our users to vote for what they want to see in future updates to the app. It lets them focus on the customer by listening to their feedback.

It is a native app and is written in objective c, and monetized using a freemium model that lets anyone that wants to see more then 5 accounts at once pay for an extra slot using in-app purchases.

The app source code was purchased from the previous developer and spent over 2 months cleaning up the code and adding additional features.

From the publisher:

"Static for iPhone is the easiest way for content creators to keep up with how well their content is doing in their favorite social channels. Just published a blog post? How much traffic did you get as a result? How many new followers did you gain on Twitter? Instead of hopping back and forth between apps you can see your most important social stats from one screen. Static is an easy to use, beautiful display for monitoring the pulse of your social media accounts."

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