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6/2/2022 12:48:21 PM
NFT marketplace revenues
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NFT marketplace revenues


NFT marketplace revenues

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

CryptoMonday predicts that the U.S will lead in NFT revenue and adoption and their CEO Jonathan Merry shared with us how NFT marketplace revenues are surpassing those of stock exchanges, and income from crypto and NFT marketplaces will surpass the $70B mark by 2025.

While the world grappled with the downsides of the COVID-19 pandemic, the crypto space registered unprecedented booms, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in particular registered a meteoric rise in their adoption in 2021. That said, available data points to NFTs continuing to contribute a small percentage of the crypto sector’s revenues.

CryptoMonday.de has been analyzing trends within the crypto space. It projects that income from crypto and NFT marketplaces will surpass the $70B mark by 2025. Furthermore, the sector will need to grow at a CAGR of 21% from 2022 to 2025. That way, NFT revenues will jump to $6.9B, nearly a tenth of all crypto trading income.

"The difference in NFT CAGR and their portion of the crypto revenue will possibly impact user adoption. Market data indicates that crypto adoption will grow at 4.5%, whereas NFT adoption will do so at 1%. This relatively low percentage could be pointing to a niching of the crypto trade for a long while," said CryptoMonday’s CEO Jonathan Merry.

NFT marketplaces revenues are surpassing those of stock exchanges

The crypto sector could be niching, alright, but there's no denying that it is handling colossal sums of money. A recent Opimas study indicates that NFT marketplaces and crypto exchanges generate more revenue than traditional venerated stock exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ.

Opimas suggests that exchanges like Binance and Coinbase and NFT platforms, including OpenSea and Rarible, earned up to $3M daily in 2021. Most of the crypto generating these earnings comes from very few wallets. That's because the crypto space is a high-stakes and very volatile one.

These exchanges and marketplaces derive a significant portion of their revenues from fees. They include transaction, listing, and conversion fees. Listing fees could earn the platforms huge sums as they could go as high as $15M a token.

The U.S. leads in NFT revenues

CryptoMonday concludes that the U.S. will play a leading role in NFT adoption. Consequently, the nation will see its revenues in the space jump from about $20.4B in 2022 to $34.5B in 2025. That's a 169% rise within that time.

India and Japan will follow a distant second and third place. The former will record revenues of $4.67B in 2025, up from $2.6B in 2022, an upswing of 180%. Likewise, Japan will register revenues of $3.85B after growing its 2022 figures by 186%.

Read the full story here: https://cryptomonday.de/news/2022/06/01/nft-trading-expected-to-form-10percent-of-all-crypto-trading-by-2025/

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