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Low-code platform by LANSA announces big updates
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Low-code platform by LANSA announces big updates

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Low Code No Code Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Low-Code development platform Visual LANSA has been announced to be getting a big new update that will provide users an easier and more integrative solution.

LANSA has announced a major new release of its software development platform, Visual LANSA. The update plans to improve developers' ability to build scalable mobile, web and desktop applications significantly faster than before, in order to accelerate customers’ digital transformation projects.

Visual LANSA key improvements include:

  • More enterprise-scale integrations between LANSA apps and third-party solutions. This includes tools that simplify the building of an application architecture based on microservices and REST APIs.
  • Powerful user interface generation tools including inbuilt Google Material Design controls to make it easier for non-designers to build great looking, easy-to-use applications.
  • An updated Visual LANSA Framework with enhanced prototyping tools for faster development and responsive design. Making it fast and easy to show end users prospective applications and gain input and feedback before full development.
  • New Smart DevOps and version control facilities including built-in integration with Git and GitHub. This simplifies every aspect of the development cycle - both client-side and server-side for mobile, desktop and web.
  • Improvements that speed development and deployment times. This includes new tools in the development environment and a new one-click deployment system.
  • LANSA’s unique rules engine to centralize and apply the rules for the validation and the visualization of business data to maximize reuse and minimize maintenance.
  • A brand new Visual LANSA Developer Center with easy access to all new tools, examples, and documentation. In addition, a suite of complete sample applications and layouts is provided that can be used as-is or tailored simply as needed.

Commenting on the launch, Steve Gapp, President of LANSA said, “LANSA focussed on helping customers address the ‘difficult to do’ things. This release makes major improvements to each of the five key areas: development, integration, deployment, maintenance, and DevOps. We believe these changes will help organizations build the applications they need to transform their business, faster than ever before.”


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