11/15/2018 8:21:19 AM
Improve your test automation skills with Applitools new resources
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Improve your test automation skills with Applitools new resources

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Application Testing Thursday, November 15, 2018

Testing applications can be difficult to navigate. New training resources from Applitools called, Test Automation University, aims to help developers learn the proper ways to use visual testing, testing automation, and more.

Applitools has launched Test Automation University - a community-driven collection of educational training resources to help improve test automation skill sets. Initial offerings to the platform come from test automation experts Angie Jones, Dave Haeffner, Jonathan Lipps, Joe Colantonio, Amber Race, Elisabeth Hocke, Manoj Kumar,Jason Arbon, among others.

Automation U’ aims to bring a community of technical professionals - including testers, engineers and developers - together to build, identify, aggregate, and amplify best practices in test automation strategies and techniques. Additional experts will be added throughout 2019 with courses offered for syndication and live training through global industry events. Full details of the initiative including descriptions of initial courses, curriculum, and community engagement opportunities will be unveiled in an upcoming webinar hosted by Angie Jones.

Test Automation U Curriculum: More Than 10 Free Courses Planned In Next Six Months

Over the course of the next several months, collaborators will unveil courses and associated curriculum to aid in the development of skill sets related to test automation. While the first courses will launch on January 2019, eleven initial courses have been identified including:

Foundational Test Automation Courses

  • Setting a Foundation for Successful Test Automation (Angie Jones)
  • A Guide to Codeless Test Automation (Dave Haeffner)
  • Performance Testing Tools and Techniques: Preparing For The Masses (Amber Race)
  • The Whole Team Approach to Continuous Testing (Elisabeth Hocke)

Automated Visual Testing Courses

  • Automated Visual Testing: A Fast Path To Test Automation Success (Angie Jones)
  • How To Visually Validate Your Mobile Applications (Jonathan Lipps)
  • CI/CD, UI Version Control and Root Cause Analysis: An Advanced Course In Automated Visual Testing (Raja Rao)
  • Visual Validation For Frontend Developers (Gil Tayar)

Test Automation for Real World Problems

  • Testing In The Real World: Success Stories You Can Learn From (Joe Colantonio)
  • An Inclusive Web for Everybody: Test Automation for Accessibility (Manoj Kumar)
  • AI for Element Selection: Erasing the Pain of Fragile Test Scripts (Jason Arbon)

 An initial course from Angie Jones entitled “Setting a Foundation for Successful Test Automation” will launch Test Automation U in January 2019 focusing on training and tutorials in seven chapters including:

How to Design an Automation Strategy

  • Creating a Culture of Success in your Organization
  • Developing for Testability
  • Tooling for Testability
  • Future-proofing your Test Automation Efforts
  • Test Automation Optimization and Scaling
  • Quantifying and Sharing the Value of Test Automation

Read more: https://applitools.com/blog

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