1. How to engage your app users
12/7/2012 8:10:06 AM
How to engage your app users
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How to engage your app users

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Friday, December 7, 2012

Here is an interesting statistic,  Flurry reports after 30 days of the initial download, 54% of the users will open the app again. But after 90 days, the percentage of users still using the app falls drastically to 35%.

That means that overall your app won't be used much after the first launch if you aren't doing the right things in the app to keep users interested.

There are so many app options in the app store that are similar,  how do you as a developer insure that your app is the preferred one?

They say there are basically 4 things you can do to keep people using your app.
1) Enticing users to come back
2) Delivering polished features
3 Acknowledge feedback
4) Gamification

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