1. Hey Restaurant Owners: Ready for An App Developer with a Punchh
12/10/2013 11:49:07 AM
Hey Restaurant Owners: Ready for An App Developer with a Punchh
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Hey Restaurant Owners: Ready for An App Developer with a Punchh

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So what’s better than owning Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit used in the final scenes of his uncompleted movie, “Game of Death”? (the jumpsuit recently sold at auction for 100kUS!) Ok, maybe not much, but Mama Fu’s Asian House, operator of 16 restaurants in the Southeastern U.S, is betting that a new mobile rewards based program will give it more “Punchh” in driving new business.

As many app development companies have found, you have to do more when contracting for companies than just throw a pretty app out in the app stores. Companies want mobile to drive business, and the Silicon Valley-based app development firm Punchh is doing just that, creating a restaurant app infrastructure for both small and large restaurant companies. One such company is Mama Fu’s, which will launch the app in January to encourage engagement, social sharing, and loyalty rewards with their customers.

While not rocket science or ground breaking in its design, the Punchh app does what it is supposed to: incorporate ease of use taking advantage of mobile technology to help restaurants move past old school restaurant reward promotions and marketing.

Once downloaded to customers' smartphones, all purchasing data is automatically tracked and accessible via Punchh's POS-based dashboard. Equipped with customers' actual purchasing history, restaurant operators can market directly to customers based on established preferences, not guesses. This allows customers to communicate directly to restaurants through social media channels and providing loyalty point totals in real time and letting them know when they can redeem their rewards for food and drink.

Mama Fu’s Punchh app demonstrates what small restaurant chains and even single unit owners can accomplish, rivaling the largest conglomerates in accessing and utilizing the latest mobile technology which includes accessing a mobile CRM suite, with mobile apps for consumer engagement, big data customer analytics, and integration with POS, social media, and other 3rd party systems.

As mobile becomes more entrenched, we predict that more app development companies like Punchh will continue to move towards specific industry niches offering their platform created to drive revenue for a specific business category.

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