1. G2G3 Launches New DevOps Simulation Training
4/17/2016 10:09:00 AM
G2G3 Launches New DevOps Simulation Training
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G2G3 Launches New DevOps Simulation Training

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in DevOps Sunday, April 17, 2016

G2G3 is introducing a new DevOps simulation training program which focuses on the people aspects of change, highlighting how taking an immersive approach to learning how to overcome long standing business habits that can present a challenge for DevOps implementation. 

The DevOps simulations are a form of experiential learning that involve putting people into a realistic simulated environment to allow them to experience complex situations or best practices, while creating understanding of benefits and consequences.

The program is provided on-premise and provides a half-day, role-based gamification format, focusing on the software development and deployment lifecycle. Consisting of three group simulation scenario, typically 12-20 participants take part and are split into five teams: Business, Development, Testing, Release and Operations. 

In three rounds, working across departments, each team completes tasks and reviews their results, such as applications completed, time-to market window, cost, ROI, compatibility and performance.

During the first round participants experience, and work through real life challenges faced within a complex application development environment. In the second round, participants conduct an evaluation of their performance as well as the implementation of new processes and simulated technology to learn first hand how application development can be transformed. 

Building on the improvements from the second round, the third round shows participants how adjusting their processes and expanding the use of technology can increase effectiveness and enable continuous application delivery.

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