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11/4/2014 1:48:33 PM
Fuse Powered Announces the Acquisition of Corona Labs Mobile Game and App Development Platform
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Fuse Powered Announces the Acquisition of Corona Labs Mobile Game and App Development Platform


Fuse Powered Announces the Acquisition of Corona Labs Mobile Game and App Development Platform

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Fuse Powered, a mobile monetization platform based in Canada, has announced that it has acquired Corona Labs and its mobile game and app development platform. All 

According to Walter Luh, CEO/Founder of Corona Labs, “Let me be crystal clear that Corona is not going away – quite the opposite. Everyone on the team (including me) is joining Fuse and we’ll continue to develop and evolve the Corona platform and all our products, including Corona SDK, CoronaCards and Corona Enterprise. By joining Fuse we will in fact have many more resources and more opportunities to make Corona better and better.”

According to a statement on the Fuse Powered website: “We started as a mobile game developer and publisher. We built the tools we felt we needed to thrive in a freemium world. As we built these tools, more of our publishing partners asked us to use them, so we ultimately decided to launch these tools commercially and focus 100% on helping more publishers make more successful games. We understand making and publishing games. It’s in our DNA. Even though we’ve evolved our business into a platform, we still see the industry from a publisher’s perspective. We know our customers and care about their business, their games, and their players. With Corona, we add a world-class proven technology platform and engineering team, expand our presence in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and most importantly, extend our vision of providing an integrated platform that allows mobile publishers to be more successful with less hassle.”

Corona has provided the following Q&A information to anticipate questions developers may have about the acquisition:

Q: Why did Fuse Powered acquire Corona Labs?
A: Fuse and Corona share the same philosophy and have very complementary businesses:

- Both are innovative companies with a vision to help mobile publishers make great games and apps and succeed.

- Corona helps publishers make great apps and games 10x faster. Fuse helps publishers understand their audiences and make more money.

- Together, Fuse and Corona deliver an integrated platform that allows mobile publishers to be more successful with less hassle.

- Both companies are positioned to deliver some very innovative products and monetization opportunities for developers.

Q: What changes for Corona developers?
A: Not much. Corona will continue to develop, invest in and support Corona SDK, CoronaCards, Corona Enterprise and the Corona community.

- In the near future, Corona developers will have access to Fuse Powered’s market leading IAP and ad monetization solution, AdRally, to help monetize their apps and games in an easy way with less hassle.

- In the longer term it will mean a better platform and more and better opportunities for monetization.

Q: Does this mean Corona and Fuse will be putting ads and in our games now?
A: Not unless you want us to.

- Fuse’s IAP and ad monetization tool, AdRally, will soon be available to Corona developers who want to generate ad revenue in a simple, seamless manner. AdRally selects and auto optimizes the best performing ads from more than 30 ad networks in every country, so the CPMs will typically be higher that what you’re getting now.

- We will encourage, but not require, Corona developers to take advantage of this new access to Fuse’s technology and expertise.

Q: Will Corona still partner with ad networks, and/or make available ad networks’ SDKs as plugins?
A: Yes, we still plan on working with ad networks. 

- In fact, this opens up more partnership opportunities as there will be ways to work with both the Corona platform and Fuse’s AdRally platform. Over the next few weeks we will have more information on this.

Q: Will Corona SDK be maintained?
A: Absolutely. We will continue to support and invest in Corona SDK.

- The Corona platform is core to Fuse and Corona’s combined vision of providing mobile game publishers with the first available one-stop solution in the market, with tools to develop mobile games and apps, enhance existing games and apps, and manage and monetize audiences.

Q: Why did Corona sell?
A: Joining forces with Fuse gives us three very important advantages and opportunities:

- It allows us to build a better platform by giving us access to more resources.

- It allows us to provide Corona developers with world-class monetization tools.

- Longer term, there are great opportunities for the company to develop exciting next-generation monetization products.

- In addition to all of this, the Corona and Fuse teams have seen eye-to-eye on where the industry is going from the beginning and are highly complementary. We are extremely excited about our combined ability to execute and provide the best mobile development and monetization platforms on the market.

Q: Fuse seems to work primarily with games. Does this mean Corona Labs doesn’t care about non-game developers anymore (e.g., business apps)?
A: Corona, from the very beginning has been all about making rich, interactive apps and the best examples of this are clearly games. 

- Going forward, Corona will still be a general purpose platform and developers will be free to use it to develop any type of app.

- Corona is, and will continue to be, a great tool for developers that want to quickly and easily develop cross-platform apps with rich, innovative and custom UIs.

Q: Will Corona now collect stats or analytics on my apps or games without my permission?
A: No. We have never done this and that will not change. 

- As always, you can opt out of the analytics we have had in place for quite some time. We have posted about this in the past in some blog posts.

Read more: https://www.adrally.com/weve-acquired-corona-labs/

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