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10/3/2016 7:51:09 PM
Dreamforce 2016 is here and we've got 7 hacks for surviving it
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Dreamforce 2016 is here and weve got 7 hacks for surviving it


Dreamforce 2016 is here and we've got 7 hacks for surviving it

Monday, October 3, 2016

Peter Terhune Peter Terhune

Dreamforce: Simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. As you and thousands of your peers gather for this year’s conference, there are several things to keep in mind for your whirlwind experience in the heart of San Francisco. For both first timers and seasoned veterans of the show, here are seven tips to make your Dreamforce adventure the best possible.

1. Know Your Essentials

You’ll want to be carrying a backpack or tote bag with you as you make your way from session to session and between booths. In your bag’s limited space, here are some vital items to pack:

- Charger or external battery for your mobile devices. Don’t be the person asking to borrow other peoples’ chargers.

- Water plus electrolytes. This is the winning combo, folks. You’ll be in sunny California, and you don’t want to be feeling dizzy during the day. Electrolytes, easily dissolvable and drinkable in water, will keep your energy levels up. 

- Business cards. People will ask for them, and it’ll be awkward if you don’t have them to give out. Keep a healthy stack on you at all times. 

- Airborne or Emergen-C.  You’ll be in contact with a LOT of people from all over the world. Any advantage you can give your immune system, the better.

- Hand sanitizer. See above.

2. Pack Snacks

Other things that you should carry that warrant their own section here are snacks. It should go without much persuading that snacks are what keep you going throughout the day. You never know when you’re going to have a chance to fuel up with food, so be smart and pack your choice of snack to take on the go. At the very least, carry gum or mints that will give you quick pick-me-up when needed.

3. Leave Your Laptop

While you love your laptop, believe me: It won’t miss you when it’s safely stored in your hotel room. And it won’t be offended that it’s too heavy to lug around all day. Take an iPad or tablet instead. They’re much more accessible in the event you actually have to use it. Or, bring an old fashioned pen and notebook with you to jot notes on the fly and in sessions.

4. Time Management

You go to Dreamforce for the sessions and you come away with amazing new connections. Don’t cheat yourself of making these connections by jam-packing your agenda with back-to-back sessions. You don’t want to feel rushed with a strictly preplanned schedule – flexibility is a luxury to capitalize on. Plan out about 50 percent of your day, then leave the other half free to explore.

5. Prepare Your App Arsenal

Mobile device: Check. Important applications: To be downloaded. Here are some favorites that you’ll get great use of at Dreamforce:

Dreamforce Mobile App. (The most obvious one, and a no-brainer before this four day super show.)

- Evernote. (For all your note taking needs, be your note in text form, webpage, image, voice memo or handwritten “ink” note.)

- TripIt. (A great all-in-one app travel organizer.)

- GroupMe. (Free group text messaging so you can communicate with your Dreamforce pals. Pro tip: disable the vibrate on notifications; it will eat up your battery.)

- OpenTable. (Manage reservations is real time online and get points toward free meals.)

- Venmo. (For after your dinner at your OpenTable-reserved restaurant with your group of new Dreamforce pals.)

- Yelp. (Will help guide your trip in San Francisco.)

- Uber or Lyft. (For when you’re returning safely to your hotel after the Dreamfest featuring U2.)

6. Walk It Out

Don’t use the shuttles. If you could use a lift, jump in a pedicab – these are free at the show, but they do accept cash tips so have a few extra dollars handy. Dreamforce is the perfect event to track your steps, with your pedometer or whatever fitness app your use – you’re going to walk more miles than you realize. Speaking of walking…

7. Don’t Knock Compression Socks

Compression socks are the godsend of Dreamforce. To reiterate: You’ll be walking. A lot. Compression socks – not just for your grandma! – help the circulation in your legs, preventing uncomfortable side effects from activity-filled days, like swelling. Couple your socks with very comfortable shoes, because it’s typical to have multiple 18-hour days at the conference.

With these seven tips in mind, embark with excitement to Dreamforce! I wish you the best as you traverse from booth demos and the more than 2,000 sessions presented by industry pioneers and CRM thought leaders. Whatever your industry or the size of your company, you’re bound to take away valuable new insight and lessons on the world’s largest cloud ecosystem.

Read more: https://getconga.com/
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