1. Developers growing tired of app store splits
1/16/2023 1:30:17 PM
Developers growing tired of app store splits
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Developers growing tired of app store splits

Developers growing tired of app store splits

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Business of Apps Monday, January 16, 2023

Kevin McGuire, CPO, at Digital Turbine shares his 2023 predictions, including why developers and users are looking beyond the app stores. He also dives into privacy ethics, IAP revenues, alternative app stores, and more.

The mobile industry is evolving rapidly for a variety of reasons as we move into 2023. Digital Turbine's Kevin McGuire touches on the key trends that are driving the industry forward and how some of these will help reshape the way carriers, OEMs, and consumers think about mobile experiences.

#1 The mobile industry will see solutions that let users skip the app stores

It’s hard enough already to build and monetize an app, given the battle for the share of time and minds of consumers. User acquisition through traditional methods is getting more expensive and continues to be problematic in its complexity – why are we still expecting users to take multiple hops and steps simply to download an app? Developers should look to solutions that allow consumers to skip the store and have a more frictionless UA experience.

Developers tired of paying 15 30 percent of IAP revenue will seek alternatives

#2 Developers tired of paying 15-30% of IAP revenue will seek alternatives

App developers are forced to share a large percentage of in-app-purchase revenue with platform holders but there are changes on the horizon. In many countries around the world, regulators are starting to force the Apple/Google duopoly to support alternative payment options and app stores. In the coming years, we’re going to see big changes for app developers in how they distribute and monetize their apps. That’s the kind of on-device empowerment I hope to see more of in 2023.

Carriers and device OEMs will take up a stronger position

#3 Carriers and device OEMs will take up a stronger position

People forget that before iPhone and Android smartphones, carriers used to run and operate digital storefronts which were the primary source of content discovery for customers to discover ringtones, wallpaper, and Java-based games. I think there is a huge opportunity for carriers to reclaim that spot in the value chain. And it’s been building for years, with the foundations for this sea change now forming. Between regulation, first-party data, and on-device technology that enable publishers to monetize and reach the right users, carriers and device OEMs are in the pole position for the next phase of the mobile app ecosystem.

#4 The industry will (hopefully) unite on privacy guidelines & best practices

Currently so much in data and privacy is happening at the regional and state level, and that’s not just sustainable. As a tech company, having to implement privacy-first solutions in so many different ways is confusing and inefficient for users, and sometimes contradictory. In 2023 I hope we’ll see more clarity and unification on regulatory guidelines and best practices that the industry can understand and adhere to.

Corporate leadership around privacy ethics and compliance will emerge

#5 Corporate leadership around privacy ethics & compliance will emerge

In 2022 we saw what happens when privately-held companies cut corners when they think they’re above the law (or can hide from it) or choose to conduct business in unethical manners. Publicly-traded companies operating at scale, especially ones that also work with and serve other large enterprises, cannot afford to ever be on the wrong side of the privacy of users. Next year I think we’re going to see the recommitment of many industry leaders to be on the right side of users/consumers and on the right side of the industry and law.

Digital Turbine (NASDAQ: APPS) powers superior mobile consumer experiences and results for the world's leading telcos, advertisers, and publishers. Its end-to-end platform uniquely simplifies its partners' ability to supercharge awareness, acquisition, and monetization, connecting them with more consumers, in more ways, across more devices.

Kevin McGuire, Chief Product Officer, Digital Turbine

As CPO, Kevin McGuire brings 20+ years of experience leading mobile and SaaS product teams to Digital Turbine. Prior to Digital Turbine, he was SVP of Product at Mobile Posse, and previously SVP & GM of Mobidia, VP Product of Motricity, and CTO & COO of Adenyo. He has also been in Product roles at Microsoft (Windows Mobile), and Newbridge Networks (acquired by Alcatel), and co-founded the mobile workforce enablement platform Pronto Forms. Kevin has a BA in Economics from McGill University and holds multiple mobile software patents.

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