1. Big Week for App Developer Events
10/21/2013 3:28:41 PM
Big Week for App Developer Events
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Big Week for App Developer Events

Richard Harris Richard Harris in AppsWorld 2013 Monday, October 21, 2013

It’s a big week for app developer conferences. Apps World Europe is kicking off in London tomorrow, October 22, and on the same day the HTML5 Developers Conference will begin in San Francisco.

Apps World has become a huge affair, with an almost Disney World like array of exhibits, speakers, seminars and more. It’s a catch-all of everything app related where the center stage is brightly lit on app developers. We’ve received hundreds of press releases and contacts from companies participating in the event and we’ll be reporting on those as we get through them all later in the month.

The HTML5 Developers Conference is at the venerable San Francisco Moscone Center, and is the largest JavaScript and HTML5 developers’ conference in the world. Sessions are featured on Javascript, HTML5, apps, games, client, cloud, server, mobile, and more. Intel and Adobe have thrown their weight behind the event and promise product technology announcements at the event.

Of course, it’s too late to make long distance travel plans, but if you in the area of either conference, its worth trying to find a last minute slot to attend.

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