1. Artisan Mobile Release Latest Version of Optimize
7/17/2013 7:45:56 AM
Artisan Mobile Release Latest Version of Optimize
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Artisan Mobile Release Latest Version of Optimize

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Android Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Artisan Mobile has released the latest version of its Artisan Optimize, a platform app testing and modification, allowing developers to make real-time changes to the app user interface without re-writing code or re-submitting to app stores. The biggest news in the release is Android support, which now allows developers with apps on iOS and Android to use the Optimize service to improve engagement and drive retention as well as to improve conversions and revenue. Also announced was the addition of advanced targeting, which refines the services’ targeting capabilities. Previously developers using Optimize were able to segment audiences to run A/B tests on different UI variables; however the segmenting capabilities were limited to simply defining a number of users designated for each test. With the new upgrade, developers can now run experiments to see what UI elements work best with different groups based on location, gender, and age. Other new features include: confidence scoring with a percentage indicator on whether a result is statistically significant; iPad feature testing allowing testing for app elements exclusive to the iPad; easier SDK installation with CocoaPods support; and an enhanced test designer interface improving a developer’s ability to access and utilize the Optimize platform.

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