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Here are a few comments submitted by readers of our publication and website.

It's been a real pleasure to discover App Developer Magazine. Congratulations on the good work. -Richard Johnson CEO Devisd Pty Limited
I think developers need to keep themselves informed about the industry and this is an excellent tool for the said action. Kudos to ADM team for making this happen. -Chandler Howell
This is exactly what the industry needed and an amazing resource for developers as ourselves. Thanks for a great magazine, you guys rock! -Martin Soederhamn
I strongly believe that very soon your magazine will be one of the best selling magazines in technology related publications. -Samara Hayden
I like what you guys are doing, keep it up! -Jonathan Gillman
Great magazine! Informative and well designed. Recommended to my team. -Jeff Thurston
First issue of the mag looks great! Congrats! -Ezra Siegel, Apptentive
You have a talented team and a fantastic magazine!The content of the magazine is really great. Good job! -Johann Fradj App Cooker
I believe App Developer Magazine will become the best way to stay informed about this exciting and fast paced industry. -Mat Giaimo
Just going through the first issue of App Developer Magazine, and I have to say it is very good. Lots of great info from around the dev world. -T-Go Co. Games
I'm sure there are many developers who will be very excited to find out about and read your new publication, it's certainly filling a whole in the space! -Anna Farnum, LaunchSquad
You have a talented team and a fantastic magazine! -Aaron Batchelder Social Mason LLC