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Fortumo Partners with Payelp Global to Expand Reach Beyond Just Mobile
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Fortumo Partners with Payelp Global to Expand Reach Beyond Just Mobile

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Tuesday, January 7, 2014

App developers who are interested in monetizing certain geographic regions, including what are considered emerging markets, need to consider the reality of how consumers in those markets are willing to pay for services. And the actuality is that in many countries, cash, not credit cards, are commonly used payment options. 

So in these countries, carrier/operator billing is a viable alternative to process mobile payments. Fortumo has specialized in providing operator billing as a mobile payment solution offering its services in 79 countries. The company has a large following of developers who utilize the platform and it makes sense that the value of its operator billing payment network should be of interest outside the mobile industry. 

Recognizing this fact, Fortumo has partnered with Payelp Global which is a worldwide provider of payment services to online retailers and businesses that processes more than 500,000 transactions per minute, offering payment and business development services to merchants in over 74 countries. 

With the partnership, Payelp Global’s merchants will have access to Fortumo’s operator billing platform and have the opportunity to accept these types of payments for goods and services.

Read more: http://press.fortumo.com/

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