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Omate Smartwatch Promotes Steaming Music Through New Partnership
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Omate Smartwatch Promotes Steaming Music Through New Partnership

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Mobile Tech Friday, December 27, 2013

Admittedly, small startups like Pebble and Omate are going to have a tough hill to climb battling behemoths like Samsung and its Galaxy Gear which push the technology with massive ad campaigns.

However, a recent notice we received about Omate and its TrueSmart smart watch makes us think they really get the concept that its not just about gee whiz technology, its about gee whiz technology that does stuff people actually want to do.

So the announcement titled “Collaboration … to Stream Music From Your Smartwatch to Every Home Speaker System, Enjoy Music in Every Room” made us think, “yes, they get it,” because that is something we personally, as smart device users, would like to do.

The collaboration is between Omate and Rocki (a kickstarted startup offering “Wifi Music System, From Every Phone, To All Speakers”) with the intention to do something that makes sense - listen to your music as you move from room to room.

Users of ROCKI and TrueSmart can expect special features like swipe for next song designed specifically for an enhanced music experience on the smart watch. The ROCKI App is scheduled to be available to all Omate TrueSmart users in February, on Google Play Store as well as Omate’s Ostore for wearable apps.

How well will it work? That’s a question for another day. As for developing your own app for TrueSmart? The only information Omate provides on its website is a link to send an email, so give it a try and see about getting the SDK.

Read more: http://www.omate.com/

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