11/21/2013 2:25:24 PM
iOS Developers Might Soon Get to Embed Videos Into App Descriptions
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iOS Developers Might Soon Get to Embed Videos Into App Descriptions

Richard Harris Richard Harris in iOS Thursday, November 21, 2013

A new app selected by Apple as an editors choice is sporting something no other app description has to date - a video! Yep, that is right Apple has embedded a video into the app store description for the app "Clumsy Ninja" marking a potentially new way developers will get to promote their iOS apps.

While Android developers have enjoyed the privilege of providing a promotional video link in their Play store descriptions, Apple has held off on letting developers do this, only providing up to 5 screenshots to be uploaded for visuals (and are not changeable after app store approval).

Embedded videos could be a huge winner for developers because the engagement levels of videos are much larger than static images which really can't show you app flow or game play. But I do wonder how the carriers would handle this, with data usage limits already at a stress for most owners.

The embedded video in the store description can only be seen by people in the UK app store (we have no idea why) but you can get to it here and see it yourself.


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