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HTML5 is not going anywhere

12/5/2012 9:20:29 AM
HTML5 is not going anywhere
Posted Wednesday, December 05, 2012 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

HTML5 is not going anywhere
HTML5 is becoming a great medium between hard-core device level mobile programming, and web programming. It has its advantages and its disadvantages but as it continues to gather a following I think many developers will choose some variant of HTML5 in their programming repertoire.

Developer Tech has issued a report on the five reasons why HTML5 is here to stay. Their reasoning is  accurate, it being mobile friendly, it has audio and video embedded into it, it is faster than a lot of other HTML counterparts, and it is pretty clean to write in. 

I agree that HTML5 is wonderful, and it will eventually replace most HTML-based web programming due to its expansive capabilities. Some argue that HTML5 will eventually take over mobile programming altogether – to that I disagree because of the obvious hardware limitations that HTML5 will likely never overcome, after all it is a client-side-based programming language and cannot take advantage of most hardware interfaces on mobile devices such as accelerometers, GPS, multitouch, Gyroscopes, and other such capability. But in this report you can also read how some major social game developers are porting their games over into HTML using Tylted.

I think the vote is in, HTML5 is here to stay :)


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