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Amazon “App Store Developer Select Program” Recruits HD Optimized Apps

Posted Wednesday, October 16, 2013 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Amazon “App Store Developer Select Program” Recruits HD Optimized Apps
Want 500,000 free mobile ad impressions? Amazon is offering just that as it continues its push to recruit app developers with its recently announced Appstore Developer Select program.

Developers who submit qualifying apps receive enhanced services including 500,000 free mobile ad impressions across the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, participation in the Amazon Coins Rewards program and 25% off Amazon Web Services.

Amazon continues to show its love to HTML5 apps by including them in the program. To qualify an app must be compatible with designated Amazon devices and must render natively in high definition (HD) at the highest resolution possible on each device.

Probably the most limiting requirement is Amazon Services Adoption. If the circumstance applies, apps must exclusively use the Amazon In-App Purchasing API and/or use on a non-exclusive basis the Amazon Mobile Ads API. Games must integrate with GameCircle, including WhisperSync for Games and at least one of the Amazon Leaderboards or Achievements.

Check out the full opportunities and program requirements at the link provided.


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