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Breaking News for BlackBerry App Developers

BlackBerry 417 VIEWS
9/24/2013 3:32:46 PM
Breaking News for BlackBerry App Developers News for BlackBerry App Developers_oleslfov.png
Posted Tuesday, September 24, 2013 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

Breaking News for BlackBerry App Developers
Ok, maybe its not the real big honking BlackBerry breaking news that the company is being purchased by its largest stockholder to go private, however it seems that the BlackBerry 10 dev team is still business as usual with a couple of announcements today.

First, the company is offering two free Gamepad Packages, consisting of a MOGA Pro controller and a SteelSeries controller, to developers who enable gamepad support to their game. When the game is submitted and approved, it will be added to the gamepad-enabled feature in BlackBerry World.

This program runs from September 24, 2013 until December 24, 2013. In order to receive the free Gamepad Package, you need to be one of the first 250 to submit your draft game to BlackBerry World.

Also, BlackBerry continues its “Jam” series with its BlackBerry Jam Asia event in Hong Kong to kick off this Wednesday and Thursday, Sept 26-27. The event will include workshops, training and the opportunity to receive free gear.



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