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Vision Mobile’s Enterprise App Developer Atlas Provides Old School Print Poster for Developers
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Vision Mobile’s Enterprise App Developer Atlas Provides Old School Print Poster for Developers

Saturday, September 14, 2013

We receive literally hundreds of news, commentary and other reports on the app development industry and it is relatively rare that we say to ourselves “wow, how about that!”

However, Vision Mobile’s Enterprise App Developer Atlas has made us say just that with its old school availability as a printed poster coupled with its decidedly new school demonstration on the complicated process and host of decisions developers need to make when choosing third party suppliers.

The atlas provides a roadmap of the enterprise developer’s journey, featuring 481 developer tools across 27 tool sectors. Despite its enterprise focus, it really does a nice job of visually of mapping the challenges and decisions all app developers have to make during the app development process.

The atlas is broken down into six sections: integration, development, deployment, measurement, marketing & monetization. It’s a great snapshot of the process and a definite marketing vehicle with suggestions on what vendors to use throughout the process. The marketing aspect is not intrusive, in fact it enhances the atlas and is one of the few places we’ve seen that aggregates multiple service/product providers by similar offerings in a single presentation.

The atlas is available free as a pdf or you can request a printed copy from the atlas’s sponsor, Intel. It really needs to be seen in a large format so we’ve ordered a poster for our wall. Get one for yourself here.


Read more: http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/2013/09/report-en...


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