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Placecast Debuts Location Based Mobile DSP

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9/12/2013 7:07:06 AM
Placecast Debuts Location Based Mobile DSP
Posted Thursday, September 12, 2013 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Placecast Debuts Location Based Mobile DSP
App developers could see increased revenue with the launch of Placecast’s new product, the PlaceAD location based demand-side platform (DSP). With the new service, marketers will be able to launch location based mobile app campaigns with the added benefit of further segmenting their audience by age, gender, interests, device type/operating system, time of day, and weather. 

 Advertisers can receive consolidated campaign reporting down to the individual store level and also receive location-based reporting down to the most granular level, including heatmaps that provide a visual illustration of the intensity of impressions and engagement by targeted locations. Placead has partnered with a number of ad exchanges and supply side platforms (SSPs) including PubMatic, MoPub, and Smaato to provide access to billions of available monthly impressions. 

Marketers have the ability to price and deliver on a per-impression basis in real-time and the Placead decision engine optimizes campaign performance based on activity across placements and publishers to maximize performance. 

What does all this mean for app developers? As the opportunities continue to increase for large volume advertisers to more fully utilize the capacity of mobile devices and engage mobile customers, the amount of ad dollars spent on mobile will continue to increase. This should translate into even more monetization opportunities for developers.


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