8/29/2013 9:30:06 AM
Unity3D Steps Out With App Marketing Monetization Unity Cloud Service
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Unity3D Steps Out With App Marketing Monetization Unity Cloud Service

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unity is rapidly becoming a one stop app developer shopping experience with the announcement of Unity Cloud, a proposed collection of online services designed to help mobile game developers acquire new players, promote their games, and monetize their products successfully.

Announced at its Unity 2013 Conference in Vancouver Canada, Unity Cloud is now in beta, enabling developers to test Unity’s offering for marketing and monetization. The service provides the ability to run advertising, such as full screen interstitials, in their mobile games, as well as exchange installs with other Unity developers. Unity plans to roll out other services as they become ready for launch.

With 2 million registered users, they can become a serious player very quickly. Developers can access Unity Cloud using their existing Unity Developer Network account and without native SDK integration, making it easy to access the services.

Read more: https://unity3d.com/beta/cloud


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