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PHP support reaches Instana microservice monitoring
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PHP support reaches Instana microservice monitoring

Richard Harris Richard Harris in API Tuesday, June 19, 2018

PHP and Python REST API support is now included in Instana's microservices monitoring platform in following the recent PHP-support trend among industry competitors.

Instana announced functional enhancements around code-level visibility and monitoring that help make it easier for DevOps to monitor microservice applications. The enhancements include automatic instrumentation for applications written in PHP. The company also announced the addition of REST API support to its Python Monitoring capabilities.

“With polyglot microservice applications becoming more prevalent, DevOps teams need as much monitoring automation as possible, especially with their application management tools,” said Pete Abrams, Instana co-founder and COO. “By providing code level visibility for PHP that requires no server re-starts or even configuration, we’re allowing DevOps teams to become more autonomous while simultaneously becoming more efficient in their monitoring of production applications.”

Instana’s AI Powered APM solution automates the management of business applications, even those running in cloud, containers, microservices or serverless environments. This automation empowers the optimization of application and service delivery within IT organizations by increasing the speed and efficiency of service and application delivery.

Following recent news about Kubernetes, OpenShift and Lambda monitoring, PHP Monitoring announcement continues Instana’s recent trend of providing capabilities for monitoring containers and containerized applications that allow DevOps to optimize application performance while more efficiently monitoring the application environment.

Instana will be demoing their AI-Powered Application Performance Management solution that features automation throughout the monitoring stages as part of their silver sponsorship of DockerCon.

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