5/31/2018 11:03:50 AM
Grom acquires Bonnie Boat and Friends
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Grom acquires Bonnie Boat and Friends

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bonnie Boat & Friends has been acquired by Grom Social Enterprises to reanimate the show into an educations children's program.

Grom Social Enterprises announced that it had acquired the preschool entertainment and consumer products brand “Bonnie Boat & Friends.” Grom will work closely with Top Draw Animation, for enhancements in the production of the Bonnie Boat & Friends animated series. The brand will also appear in the Company’s centerpiece Grom Social website as an ecology educational tool for growing children.

“Bonnie Boat is an ideal acquisition for us. We have built our company to be able to capitalize on this type of opportunity. We believe having original content that appeals to a younger audience (3-7) gives us instant access to a new and trending larger demographic, and extends the user life of our children.  Not only does Bonnie Boat add to our growing portfolio of content and unique apps such as MamaBear and Fyoosion, it also demonstrates our ability to move quickly and to produce this type of high-quality content from expertise and talent that we have within our company, instead of having to rely on third parties. We are very excited to bring Bonnie Boat & Friends aboard and prepare the brand for a global launch.  In keeping with the Grom tradition of teaching kids how to be “good digital citizens”, Bonnie Boat teaches children to respect the environment at an early age,” said Darren Marks, Chief Executive Officer of Grom Enterprises, Inc.


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