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Execute blockchain transactions over USB with Blocklet
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Execute blockchain transactions over USB with Blocklet

Richard Harris Richard Harris in IoT Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Blockchain hardware device, Blocklet, allows enterprise machines to make blockchain transactions and was designed by Filament to fit in a USB form factor.

Filament has introduced its latest Blocklet hardware device in a Universal Serial Bus (USB) form factor, designed specifically to enable existing industrial and enterprise machines to securely execute transactions on a blockchain. Because the new device can be used on any system with a USB port, it enables the world’s largest companies and established businesses of all sizes to significantly accelerate blockchain proof of concept, pilot project, and production deployments.

“We introduced our Blocklet Chip earlier this year and are now excited to unveil our Blocklet USB device, which makes it possible for existing Industrial IoT machines to become trusted economic engines,” said Allison Clift-Jennings, CEO, Filament. “Many organizations have machines, devices, and equipment in the field today that are built to last a decade or more. This shouldn’t be a barrier to reaping the benefits of blockchain technology today. The Blocklet USB device provides a much faster starting point, enabling those existing devices to become more valuable by allowing them to communicate and transact with each other, and with automated smart contract-based systems.”

Filament’s Blocklet USB device enables machines and devices to:

  • Transact data or economic value with each other

  • Provide cryptographically verifiable attestations of the source and content of data

  • Maintain immutable records of an asset’s chain of custody across complex supply chains involving multiple parties

  • Provide provenance records for determining the origin and lifecycle history of goods

Filament’s Blocklet USB device encapsulates the same open, decentralized economic protocols used in its Blocklet Chip and Blocklet firmware. Its distributed blockchain capabilities enable devices to independently process and record transactions, ensuring digital trust among existing machines, devices, and equipment. It can be used in any system with a USB port and is designed to interact with multiple blockchain technologies natively.


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