5/4/2018 2:09:29 PM
BlueJeans integrates with Facebook Workplace
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BlueJeans integrates with Facebook Workplace

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Messaging Friday, May 4, 2018

Blue Jeans Network integrates with Facebook Workplace to provide users the ability to video conference with the use of a simple keyword.

Blue Jeans Network, Inc. has announced its latest integration with Workplace by Facebook. Now, any Workplace user can instantly launch a BlueJeans meeting by simply adding @BlueJeans to their Workplace Chat. This combination results in users getting both the flexibility of chat and the efficiency of face-to-face communications.

“Chat is one of the most commonly used features in Workplace, and Facebook just made it even more valuable,” said John Knightly, SVP Product and Solution Marketing at BlueJeans. “Because employees have questions that often require complex explanations, or coworkers need to see each other face-to-face to make key decisions, there should be a mechanism to instantly connect from Chat without killing the conversation to go find a room or toggle between technologies. With the new BlueJeans integration with Workplace Chat, immersive collaboration is seamless.”

Individuals or entire teams can launch rich, multi-party video meetings from any Workplace Chat message by typing @BlueJeans within the chat window. They can also invoke a bot directly through the Workplace Chat Extensions feature. Once the integration is installed across the enterprise, users can invite individuals or multiple parties and share their screens just like a regular BlueJeans meeting.

Blue Jeans Network integration allows user to:

  •     Conduct interactive video meetings so that participants can fully engage with one another

  •     Deliver presentations via BlueJeans while sharing content through Workplace

  •     Broadcast multi-party events independent of location or device

  •     Surface relevant content and conversations, making them readily accessible to people who need them

  •     Use Workplace to serve as a repository for meetings so that group members can stay current 24/7 and refer back to past discussions as needed.

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