9/25/2014 7:57:56 PM
5app’s New Build Service Lets Web Developers Transfer Skills to Mobile Apps
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5app’s New Build Service Lets Web Developers Transfer Skills to Mobile Apps

Richard Harris Richard Harris in HTML5 Thursday, September 25, 2014

London based 5app is offering a new integrated app Build Service as part of its enterprise app store platform. 5app’s Build Service is designed for developers who have traditional web development and design skills and want to use those skills to create custom apps for iOS and Android. The new service also provides a test and publishing environment within the 5app enterprise app store.

The Build Service is available as part of 5app’s Premium Platform which is offered on a free 60 day trial, then at a monthly cost of £2.50 (around $4US) per user thereafter.

The Build Service offers the following:

- Create a secure app store to provide employees with a directory of work related mobile apps in one place.

- Curate publicly available apps (from both iTunes & Google Play store) to save time and reduce risk from employees self-serving their own apps.

- Upload privately developed apps that are then securely published to employees.

- Build company apps in-house using HTML and streamline development by rapidly iterating versions.

- Test apps in a secure environment by placing them in a testing store for feedback, before publishing to the live enterprise store.

5app is planning future roll-outs for the platform that will include analytics tools.

Read more: http://www.5app.com/