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Code on the beach at the Build Stuff conference
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Code on the beach at the Build Stuff conference

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Events Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Build Stuff conference announces a seaside coding conference for developers to to learn more about topics like blockchain and agile on the comfort of the beach.

Build Stuff, a seaside software development conference for people who actually build stuff is happening May 5-6 in Mallorca, Spain, is your perfect opportunity to code on the beach. Started in 2012, Build Stuff annual software development conference has been held in Lithuania, Ukraine, and Spain, welcoming 7000 participants to date.

To supply the software development community with invaluable content, the conference is going to bring up-to-the-moment talks from such as world-class speakers as blockchain educator Ivan on Tech, the founder of the F# programming language Don Syme, the veteran of Silicon Valley and a former Chief Engineering at eBay Randy Shoup, the author of “This is Agile” Sander Hoogendoorn and many more professionals.

Simply, what developers like best at Build Stuff is industry-leading speakers in a comfortable setting. According to Build Stuff co-founder Neringa Young, it’s an informal, open-air beachside event with a limited number of available spots.

“As we invite speakers, not sessions, Build Stuff is the best opportunity to meet and chat with industry’s leaders in person. Top-quality content, as well as a warm and cozy atmosphere, are what Build Stuff organizers are most proud of. Moreover, held at the 5* resort, the conference is an ideal way to spend more time with family, so all attendees are welcomed together with their relatives too.”

Not just focused on developers, the conference is for anyone in software development teams. That includes devs, team leads, agile/scrum coaches, engineering managers, executives, founders, and more. Likewise, in addition to great guest speakers, Build Stuff hosts a ton of engaging and up-to-the-moment workshops on a whole range of software development topics.


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