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2/27/2018 3:20:22 PM
CSHTML5 released to build HTML5 Apps with CSharp
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CSHTML5 released to build HTML5 Apps with CSharp


CSHTML5 released to build HTML5 Apps with CSharp

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

HTML5 apps can now be developed with C# and XAML with the release of the CSHTML5 Visual Studio Extension.

C#/XAML for HTML5 just entered the last stage of development before its 1.0 milestone. Known as CSHTML5, this Visual Studio extension will be released by Userware on Feb 26 as a Release Candidate, providing developers with a new way to develop web apps.

Developers are now able to use C# and XAML to write apps that run in the browser. Absolutely no knowledge of HTML5 or JavaScript is required to use the extension, as it compiles your files to HTML5 and JavaScript for you. That means you can now build web apps with static typing and all the strengths of C# and XAML, and make sure your code is ready when WebAssembly comes out.

“We wanted to use our knowledge and expertise in C# and XAML to port or create web applications”, says Giovanni Albani, CEO of Userware. “The end of support for Silverlight announced for 2021 by Microsoft confirmed it was time for us to further develop CSHTML5.”

Developers have the option to either build new apps from scratch, or port their existing Silverlight, UWP, and WPF applications to the web. In practice, CSHTML5 is able to keep up to 97% of their existing code, effectively reducing to only 3% the amount of compatibility modifications required for a successful app migration.

The extension already supports 99% of C# language features, 75% of XAML, and 55% of .NET types and framework classes. CSHTML5 also supports web service calls, integration into existing web apps, sharing code between the client and the server, extensions and plugins, and more.

CSHTML5 is also free, with different upgrades you can choose from depending on your needs and project.

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