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Realm 2.0 launches with all new features
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Realm 2.0 launches with all new features

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mobile database solution Realm announces its version 2.0 offerings.

Realm has announced Realm Platform 2.0 a significant upgrade to their mobile database solution that makes it easier for developers to build real-time, responsive mobile apps that deliver an improved user experience.

The Realm Platform empowers organizations and developers to build mobile apps that offer real-time features like messaging and collaboration that were previously only possible for organizations with virtually unlimited IT and developer resources. A real-time distributed database - installed more than 3.5 billion times within applications including Starbucks, SAP, eBay, Intel and Alibaba - coupled with a “serverless” compute platform called the realm Object Server, the Realm Platform is being deployed at companies in industries such as healthcare, logistics, telecommunications and manufacturing.

Key features in Realm Platform 2.0 include:

  • Realm Studio, a new tool that provides developers with a window into the data stored in Realm that powers the mobile app, and a comprehensive understanding for how the in-app Realm Database is interacting with the Realm Object Server to deliver real-time mobile experiences. Realm Studio is available at no cost to all Realm Database users.

  • Easy installation and configuration of the Realm Platform via package manager, npm (node package manager). Now, everyone from solo developers to large enterprise IT teams can use this familiar tool to quickly install the Realm Object Server on a wide variety of platforms, including all major Linux variants, Mac OS, and many more. npm support makes it simple and quick for developers to quickly get Realm up and running to develop responsive and real-time mobile apps.

  • A new, fully pluggable authentication system that integrates with any existing system, making it easier to integrate the Realm Platform into existing infrastructure, as middleware or a mobile data synchronization layer.

  • A variety of stability, usability and performance improvements across the database and platform, as well as bug fixes and enhancements.

“With mobile devices becoming the primary computing device for consumers and workers, a new stack is required that will make it easy for developers to build full-featured mobile apps that deliver a phenomenal user experience,” said Alexander Stigsen, co-founder and CEO, Realm. “We believe that the Realm Platform is a fundamentally important part of this new stack, and the new features in 2.0 are in line with our goal of becoming the data layer for the next Internet.”


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