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3 new tools released by Red Hat

New enterprise software development tools released by Red Hat helps developers create containerized Java apps.

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8/18/2017 9:08:56 AM
3 new tools released by Red Hat
Posted Friday, August 18, 2017 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

3 new tools released by Red Hat
Red Hat has released all new developer tools, available on multiple platforms. This collection of tools has been assembled into an easy-to-use installer to help software developers quickly and easily put together a development environment to create containerized enterprise Java apps by installing OpenShift on their desktop. The Developer Tools Installer will automatically download, install and configure the selected tools on macOS, Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Development Suite also simplifies the installation and configuration of EAP, Fuse, and Kompose.

The key features of the 3 new Red Hat tools:

Development Suite 2 (DevSuite):

- DevStudio 11.0
- CDK 3.1
- OpenJDK 8 u141
- Kompose 1.0 technical preview: now a Kubernetes Community Project
- Full RPM support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
- Fuse Tooling 11.0.0 GA
- Fuse Integration Platform 6.3.0 on JBoss EAP 6.4.0
- Fuse Integration Platform 6.3.0 on Apache Karaf 6.3.0
- JBoss EAP 7.0.0.GA available as optional install

Developer Studio 11 (DevStudio):

- Based on Eclipse IDE 4.7 (Oxygen)
- RPMs available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
- CDK 3.1 Server Adapter
- Fuse Tooling included

Red Hat Container Development Kit 3.1 (CDK):

- Based on Minishift community release version 1.3.1
- Local container image cache for OpenShift images
- Improved capabilities for the add-ons feature
- CDK RPM for DevSuite RHEL 7 installer
- Requires: native hypervisor (Hyper-V/xhyve/KVM) or VirtualBox 

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