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Learn FileMaker with help from new Custom App Academy

FileMaker launches Custom App Academy along with their DevCon 2017 videos to help developers learn about the platform.

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8/10/2017 6:47:48 AM
Learn FileMaker with help from new Custom App Academy
Posted Thursday, August 10, 2017 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Learn FileMaker with help from new Custom App Academy
FileMaker, Inc. has announced the launch of its Custom App Academy and FileMaker Developer Conference videos designed to help individuals learn to build custom apps using their Platform.

The new Custom App Academy includes video tutorials with step-by-step guidance tailored to the learner’s level:

- Fundamentals: Provides an overview of their Platform and the basic navigation of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go.
- Create: Lets users plan and build a basic app and shows how reports and charts can help them understand their data.
- Extend: Shows users how to extend their app based on user feedback and learn more ways to build, automate and visualize information.
- New in 16: Teaches what’s new in the FileMaker 16 Platform and goes in-depth with some of the new features.

Along with the aforementioned video tutorials in the Custom App Academy, the first videos from the FileMaker Developer Conference with multiple tracks designed for different skill levels and needs are now available. The videos from those sessions - from beginner to advanced - become a secondary learning resource after the event.

Ann Monroe, vice president of worldwide marketing and customer success, FileMaker, Inc., said: “FileMaker has a long history of empowering business leaders to create custom apps that meet their specific needs. We’ve designed our education program so that business teams have a fast, clear path to the custom apps they need.”


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