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Make 1 minute GIFs on Gfycat now
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Make 1 minute GIFs on Gfycat now

Richard Harris Richard Harris in HTML5 Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gfycat, a user-generated GIF platform gets support for 1-minute long GIFs.

Gfycat, a user-generated GIF platform, has announced the launch of support for minute-long GIFs. Previously, GIFs on Gfycat were limited to 15 seconds or fewer.

Support for longer GIFs is part of Gfycat’s larger vision for the future of short content, said Gfycat CEO Richard Rabbat. “We’re witnessing a shift in how consumers use GIFs and short videos. In addition to using GIFs to convey emotions or funny moments, we’re also seeing short video used within specific interest communities such as visual recipes or gaming highlights.”

Gfycat has long been popular among gamers, who value Gfycat’s high visual quality and easy creation process for sharing gaming highlights. “Gaming is a 91 billion dollar industry, and obviously we want to ensure that gamers bring out their inner creator through the tools we provide to make the best possible content,” Rabbat said.

Gfycat cofounder Dan McEleney announced one-minute GIF support today at the Tech Open Air summit in Berlin. “The short video has become a core part of how we interact today, whether that’s in the form of a GIF, a snap, or an Instagram video,” McEleney said. “What we’re witnessing is a seismic shift in communication.”

Read more: http://www.gfycat.com

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