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Language translation app by Reverso hits 6.0
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Language translation app by Reverso hits 6.0

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Big Data Monday, April 24, 2017

A developer of translation tools and solutions, Reverso, unveils Reverso Context 6.0

Reverso, a developer of translation tools and solutions, has unveiled Reverso Context 6.0 - the latest version of their mobile translation and language learning app with a number of improvements to help its five million users discover new words and phrases in context. Their platform specializes in tapping the power of Big Data and AI to help users better understand words and phrases by providing numerous examples with their translations and the context in which they are used.

New features and improvements include:

- Speak to translate: Users can simply say the phrase they want translated and Reverso Context will quickly provide translations

- Examples in context: It finds numerous examples of the phrase in context from popular sources such as movies, books or official documents

- Pronunciation of full examples with a native voice: helps users improve their accents

- Save, annotate, and share translations: Users can return to important phrases to study them further

- Flashcards: Users can easily learn new words or to practice words that they had searched previously

- Quizzes: A helpful technique to helps users master the use of new words

- Statistics and charts: It’s easy for users to chart their progress via the app to see how many new words they have memorized and see the weak points to practice

Theo Hoffenberg, CEO Reverso had this to say about the new updates:

"We worked hard to create Reverso Context 6.0, which brings many new features for a seamless learning experience. The new features are actually designed to help memorize words and expressions that matter to you, based on words or expressions you searched, and is enhanced by real-life examples of use to help you really understand their usage. We are proud of this new version, which has also been redesigned to improve the user experience and navigation between all the features including search, search history, phrasebook, voice input / output and advanced learning tools such as flash cards, and adds many more possibilities when offline, allowing users to reference search history and even view dictionaries.”


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