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4/18/2017 10:31:45 AM
Google Machine Learning autotranslation included in Collavate 3.9.1
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Google Machine Learning autotranslation included in Collavate 3.9.1

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Google Machine Learning autotranslation included in Collavate 3.9.1

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Google Machine Learning based auto-translation on collaboration workflow for Google Drive released in update by Collavate.

Collavate, Inc. has released Collavate version 3.9.1. The upgraded version includes improvements to enhance the use of their platform - an original Cloud-based document management and workflow processing solution with security for personal Gmail and Google G Suite. This update includes website widgets, a fully-functional task master, an auto-translating feature and a new user interface.

"Adding Google Machine Learning based translation in our app is just the beginning. We will add more unique AI features to help our users improve their work," said CEO and product evangelist, Justin Jung.

For those needing to build an enterprise portal or incorporate an intranet, the new version release makes incorporating group collaboration easier and more efficient than ever before. Now, users can copy and paste Collavate’s widget codes for workflow and post tools onto websites or Google Sites, and also add other gadgets for Google Calendar, Gmail, and other various features.

One of the most notable advances included is Post Translator, an auto-translate feature, powered by Google Cloud Machine Learning technology, lessening language barrier issues that may hinder work productivity. The translation button is located in the right corner of each post, and when clicked, the post will automatically convert the post to the user’s set profile language. Each user can use the auto-translate feature up to 10 times per day.

Usage of Collavate Groups has been improved in this new version. To organize a team project with a “to do list” approach, a team member simply fills in the project description on a post, uploads any relevant documents, and invites colleagues to the team project. A notification is automatically sent to each included team member. Once members accept the invitation, full collaboration features are immediately accessible.

Deadlines on posts has been added drive effective results-driven work. A deadline date can be assigned for the entire domain, a subgroup, or to individual(s) by clicking the clock icon, which automatically converts deadlines to the correct time zone date and time for each member. The individual(s) are notified of the deadline and are reminded accordingly when approaching the due date.

Another improvement is the updated user-friendly interface design to facilitate navigation. Contacts can easily be added to posts by directly typing @ followed by a contact’s name. Contact search suggestions has been greatly improved for the option to quickly select contact(s). Now, there is also the option to upload your own background wallpaper to customize your Home menu.

Security features are carried over from the previous version, in addition to a new designated Login page to accommodate future supportage of sign in for Google accounts and non-Google accounts. Now, non-Google users may now set up their administration screen to disable domain sharing for posts.

The improved Collavate version is made to be mobile-friendly. An icon web shortcut can be added to appear as an app on your smartphone.

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