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Webinar: Continuous testing in a DevOps World, January 5th
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Webinar: Continuous testing in a DevOps World, January 5th

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Webinar: Continuous testing in a DevOps World, January 5th

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Many of you still aren't sure why DevOps, Agile, or Application Lifecyle matter, so I've got an outlet where you can find out why it's important for you as a developer, and how it can impact you in a very positive way.

The software development process has significantly changed and in 2017 it's going to change even more, both in terms of the complexity demanded by end users, as well as the speed of delivery. DevOps culture has fueled the agile proliferation trend by improving collaboration between historically siloed teams, which helps to shorten time to market.

When executed correctly, continuous testing can help project teams improve quality at every stage of development, resulting in fewer defects and performance issues at release. But Agile, DevOps and all of these processes mean different things to different people, so what do they mean for your testing? And how does this translate across the entire lifecycle? 

Join this round-table discussion and learn how to get started on your DevOps journey!

Read more: http://go.getzephyr.com/webinar/Continuous_Testing...


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