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Tenjin just updated it's platform so you can help yourself to analytics, attribution, and aggregation
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Tenjin just updated it's platform so you can help yourself to analytics, attribution, and aggregation

Michael Haynes Michael Haynes in Analytics Monday, November 28, 2016

Tenjin has introduced significant enhancements to its platform enabling app developers to implement mobile analytics, attribution and ad network data aggregation as a full-featured self-service solution. Starting today, app developers of any size can get up and running with Tenjin in minutes and immediately begin tracking, analyzing and optimizing their app marketing campaigns

Tenjin also updated its pricing structure beginning today based on technology improvements. Analytics for up to 12 million events per month are now free, with each additional 1 million events costing $300. Tenjin’s Ad Spend and Ad Revenue API is available for $500 per month. Developers also get access to the Tenjin DataVault, which offers a flexible, customizable data warehouse to provide direct access to user-level data. The company’s “Unlimited” plan is available for $3,000 per month and offers unlimited historical data for use in the DataVault and unlimited events for Analytics. 

Tenjin has grown quickly since its launch in August 2015. To date, the company has processed more than $200 million in total advertising spend and more than $40 million in total advertising revenue. It has also tracked more than 4 billion in-app events, and is currently tracking 20 million events every single day. The company’s clients include Yelp, Dots, NaturalMotion, Big Blue Bubble, Schoold and dozens more.

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