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Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017 happening June 13-15 in Santa Clara
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Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017 happening June 13-15 in Santa Clara

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Events Monday, November 28, 2016

Cloud Foundry has announced Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017 will take place June 13-15 in Santa Clara, California. Perennial interest from the community has created demand for an annual regional event, driving Cloud Foundry to present its Summit Silicon Valley 2017 in the hotbed of the tech industry. 

Early registration ends Friday, December 2, and offers early subscribers $600 off the full price.
Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley is the premier event for enterprise application developers. In 2016, the event brought together more than 1600 attendees from 24 countries and showcased information from innovators and technical leaders at companies including Altoros, Comcast, IBM, The Gap and more.
Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017 will focus on microservices and continuous delivery in all frameworks. Attendees will join developers, IT operations experts, technical managers, business leaders, service providers and project contributors to gain first-hand access to Cloud Foundry roadmaps, training and tutorials; and to see how others are using Cloud Foundry to support continuous innovation and application portability. Registration and speakers’ call for papers will open for the Summit Silicon Valley 2017 event early next year.
Cloud Foundry is collectively developed by Cisco, EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Pivotal, SAP and leaders in manufacturing, telecommunication and financial services. Only Cloud Foundry delivers the velocity needed to continuously deliver apps at the speed of business. Cloud Foundry's container-based architecture runs apps in any language on your choice of cloud -- Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform (GCP), OpenStack, VMware vSphere, SoftLayer and more. With a robust services ecosystem and simple integration with existing technologies, Cloud Foundry is the modern standard for mission critical apps for global organizations.


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